Albany approves wind farm expansion plan

Albany approves wind farm e우리카지노xpansion plan

At 9:15 a.m. this morning, the City Council approved a preliminary environmental study of the plans approved Tuesday to build an 855-megawatt wind farm at the site of Albany’s proposed wind farm at Point Pleasant Harbor.

The wind farm was proposed under the proposed project name “Cumberland Point.”

“After considering all the comments received during the public comment period, I’m pleased to announce that there is no longer a public comment period for this project,” said Mayor Kathy Sheehy on a media call with reporters. “The project is on its way to the City Council.”

The final environmental study was submitted by the utility commission and is due to finish in late March or early April, Sheehy said.

The wind farm’s proposed name, Point Pleasant Harbor, is not a given under the plans. There is currently no utility on the proposed wind farm for Point Pleasant Harbor, though its utility would have its license renewed within 10 days of completing the study.

“These are some big changes. We are going to have big changes coming,” said Sheehy. “The wind farms are a big change and the City has to accommodate them as much as we 카지노 사이트can in order to get our plan forward.”

Cumberland Point is a proposal that had been approved by the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation for two large wind farms near Point Pleasant Har우리카지노bor, one at the state’s largest dam in Chagrin Falls and the other at the western edge of Point Pleasant Harbor, which also features the historic City of Albany, Sheehy said.

Sheehy said the new wind farms will create 5,000 construction jobs at the project, about 4,500 permanent construction jobs, and 1,000 construction jobs at the dam. It will have an annual economic impact of $18 million, she said.

“It will have its very own public forum,” Sheehy said.

Under the proposal, the project would start construction in 2014 at the end of a 50-year maintenance period that started in 1975. The wind farm is scheduled to be completed in 10 years.

“We are a local, regional project, and we’re going to create jobs and it’s going to be a great opportunity for us to show that the project benefits the whole community,” said Councilman Joe Gielice, who attended Tuesday’s public comment session. “We think it’s the right thing to do.”

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