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My invoice No. CH23/2021/693
INVOICE DATE: 06. 6. 2022.                                                                            I Bought with Ivon ear phone on date of 6th June 2022, which got 6 months warranty, i trust and gifted to the person they got some issue in handfree which got some connective issue as well as some noise issue they are from hyderabad and they returned me to check once again, if i am checking also i felt with same issue, if i am calling to others it will be on hold or it will be disconnected lot of disturbance of noise it created very headache so i thought of returning the product which holds of warranty period of 6 months, i felt very bad response from your sales team and manager, customer satisfaction is not at all there, they are forced me to get back the product although product is not at all in a good stage, business ethics is not at all there, then after so much of conversation your team accepted there is a problem in the ear phones, they said 7 days it takes to replace it, they then they 2 days they can, today i got the call from your team they said come and collect with your product around 4:30 p, m, then i said please check the new product once and please let me know, then they again called me and they said come and collect the same product which i returned, they are saying no defect with out sending to the ivon customer care, i dont know how to deal this, its doesnt matter of money but you people should be responsible for delivery with good product. And please respect the people it's  friend's in viruthunadar

Category: Technical

Issue Raise Date: June 6, 2022

State: Tamil Nadu

District: viruthunagar

City: viruthunagar

Created At: July 14, 2023

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