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Customer: guna

 car service in   chambions car service                                                             1. It took one week for them to deliver the vehicle for service.

2. Once vehicle is received i noticed that a). No cleaning done ( Have shared them the photos of the car on that day) b) They have not done said repairs and yet delivered without intimating the customer ( At the time of estimates they have given the estimate for all repairs but they have delivered without completing the repairs even after keeping the vehicle in garage for a week time)

3. Despite of multiple reminders they did not look into the the problems that i mentioned. They simply said that they have forgot at the time of delivery.

4. No technician call from the service center to understand what is required for service. I have to chase them to call . But no use as they listened and ignored. no repairs though i repeatedly told them.

5. No professionalism in the work. I have got some gumming work for the fabric on the windows.

Category: Technical

Issue Raise Date: May 27, 2022

State: Jharkhand

District: NAMKUM


Created At: July 16, 2023


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