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Customer: rajalaxmi

  goverment cabel system i pay the advance amount 1750 but they not back  i complained about electrical shock in the cable and it is observed travelling to other equipments connected to the set top box. Several times reported to the operator and of no avail. Reported to TCCL about tendays ago and still no rectification of the problem. Afraid that it is a potential danger to the people handling it and might affect the other equipments connected to the TV and set top box. 2) The programme details of all channels and for advance 7 days are not available. Hence could not plan watching and recording the events. 3) Some of the channels are having scrambled signals. like BBC, CNN Worst cable service. The cable operator doesn`t collect the monthly charges on time. But the network was disconnected if the payment was not done. They should have to come collect, they should remind us for the payment. And also the operator was not ready to listen to any complaints and not ready to solve  issues  they not retune the advance money......

Category: Technical

Issue Raise Date: May 29, 2022

State: Tamil Nadu

District: kanyakumari

City: vadkadam

Created At: July 15, 2023


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