it is unreliable web site

Status: Open

Customer: ashishvats

I recently had a terrible experience while booking a train ticket on the website I found the website to be unreliable, extremely slow, and difficult to use.


The first issue I encountered was that the website was incredibly slow to load. I was unable to do anything on the website for several minutes, as the pages took forever to load. Even after the pages loaded, I had to wait for a few more minutes for the information to appear. This was extremely frustrating, as I was on a tight time schedule and the slow loading of the website was causing me to fall behind.


The second problem I encountered was that the website was difficult to use. I struggled to find the information I was looking for, as the navigation was not intuitive. I had to click on several links before I could find the information I wanted and this wasted a lot of my time. Furthermore, the website crashed a few times while I was trying to book my ticket, which made the whole process even more difficult and time consuming.


To make matters worse, the website was unreliable. On a few occasions, the website would not accept my credentials and I was unable to log in. I tried several times but the website kept rejecting my details.

Category: Public/online criticism

Issue Raise Date: Aug. 25, 2022

State: Haryana

District: faridabad

City: bhiwani

Created At: July 12, 2023


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