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Customer: ruchikumar

I placed my orfder at 7:25pm and till 9:45 i haven't received my order. I called them 10 times and spent almost 100 rupees while waiting to talk to their mangaer. He even talked to me and told me that he is going to call me back within 5 min. But again waiting for 15 min i have to call back and these people always put the call on hold and did nt even deliver my order. This is the second time i have to face the same behaviour and 3 hour delay in order. Literally if they cant work then they should shut down KFC . I got so frustrated in front of my guest and family members that i was shouting on them but they all in vain. Such a bad experience and that too second time. Literally i personally want to sue kfc for such a mental pressure as these people dont know how to work and how to talk to customers.

Category: Delivery

Issue Raise Date: Feb. 23, 2023

State: Haryana

District: GURUGRAM


Created At: July 13, 2023

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